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Have you ever had a problem properly diagnosing vehicle transmission related issues due to constantly varied scan tool parameters and procedures? ATSG’s Wayne Colonna is here to help you by providing answers to some of the most difficult transmission related problems, giving you solutions and demonstrations on how to properly diagnose these issues utilizing aftermarket scan tools.

This training program presents detailed explanations and breakdowns on scan tool data and how to properly diagnose transmission problems for seasoned or beginner technicians. Wayne tackles transmission problems from top car manufacturers such as, Ford, GM, and Chrysler. The fact is advancements occur frequently for optimum transmission performance and a lot of scan tools don’t have the updated information to help properly diagnose current issues. This class helps you pin point the correct diagnostic procedure for up to date transmission repairs, allowing your shop to exceed customer expectations by providing timely and superior transmission services.

Available soon from Automotive Video!

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  • Victor Contreras

    hello how are you, I am interested in buying a diagnostic for automatic transmissions if I can advise on I thank you, if these are in Spanish diasnostic better yet

    • newsadmin

      Unfortunately we don’t have a Spanish version of that program, but we do have a few scan tool related programs in Spanish.
      Link Thanks!

  • Salam Muhi

    I need a diagnostic scan tool which is specific in automatic transmision, (concentrate more on automatic transmission testing and troubleshooting)

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