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From 1993 to 2008, the GM 4l60E transmission used a pressure switch manifold to tell the computer what gear was selected.  In this Tip Clip instructor Wayne Colonna gives a detailed technical overview of this component with some helpful info on diagnosing associated problems. Watch Now.

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  • skip porter

    thank you for your video. i bought a rebuilt 4l60e of ebay and it would not shift. i spent many hours swapping solenoids an putting in my old valve body. i asked around about the pressure switch manifold and was told this would not cause this.my old one looked different from the bottom and i did not have new o-rings so i did not change it. when i finally did it shifted perfect. i never would have figured this out if not read where you told what this switch did. does the rebuilder have any way to test this switch or is he putting in used parts hoping the customer doesn’t get screwed. thanks Skip Porter

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